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Peace Community Garden, Lompoc, Ca.

A new community garden has been started in Lompoc. It’s located at 1000 West Ocean Avenue on the Peace Lutheran Church property. It’s surrounded by fencing which helps keep animals out. It has been sponsored by the Beautification & Appearance Commission of Lompoc. Along with many volunteers Becky Barritt has been instrumental in developing the garden. She has utilized her equipment, time, money and employees to get the garden off the ground. Becky first designed the space to accommodate raised planters, tractor tire gardens, open ground areas and common areas. Mainly vegies, herbs and edible flowers will be planted. Ornamental plants like lavender and marigolds have also been welcomed.

“In under a year we have turned an unused space into something practical, beautiful and user friendly. We even have some tractor tires ready to plant.” said Becky.

The three goals of the garden are to:

  1. Grow organically
  2. Create community
  3. Become healthier

We hope to have a handi-capped accessible walkway to the garden from the parking lot.

We also hope to meet at the garden for educational classes.